Monday, April 17, 2006

WAC 14

Does anyone remember reading those books when you were little that let you choose your ending? It would tell you to switch pages or whatnot to choose how the story goes? Well anyways, thats sort of what cyperspace links remind me of. When you are reading a story (or article) often times there are links throughout it that allow you to read further about topics of interest, in a way creating your own article/story. The single article may have forty links and each person who reads it will most likely choose different ones to click on. Therefore that single article can target a wide range of people.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Media Project

I have thousands of ideas for the media project, none of which I probably have the time to completele. Nonetheless, I'm going down the documentary route I think and my thoughts so far are as follows. One idea that actually relates to my paper is to interview children and see what their reactions are to the idea of not having kitchen appliances such as the fridge, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, etc. I might also interview other generations too if I have the time. Another idea that Erika and I wanted to do was interview homeless people here and in Minneapolis and go off Oprah's idea that "everyone has a story." I guess those are the front runners as of right now...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WAC ch 12

It is hard to imagine what life would be like without word processing. For one thing, I wouldn't be typing this blog. Academic writing would be so much more difficult and time consuming. My cousin who still very young at the age of 33, recalled having to type all of her essays for college applications on a type writer. She applied to 15 colleges! I can not imagine having to type an essay on a type writer or worse yet having to write one out long hand. But believe it or not, thats what people did up until the past decade. The first essay I wrote was in 5th grade and of course, I had a computer to type it on. So I thought to myself, what are the instances when a computer just flat out can't be used for writing or communication at that.... Taking class notes is a big one for me. Word processing just doesn't embrace the free-hand way of note taking for obvious reasons. I don't like taking notes on my laptop because I can't draw arrows, pictures, and bullets take forever to lay out. However of course the industry is already all over this drawback, and has now put "Tablet Notebooks" on the market. These are laptops in which you can write with a special pen directly on the screen of your computer. The other instance in which I use my actual hand for writing is to make to-do lists and jot down short notes. Palm-pilots and PDAs have obviously been created to substitute even this, but since I sadly don't have one I will have to continue with the oh so difficult ancient ways. I've decided that personal cards are the only exception where word processing just can't be used. Typing condolences to someone for a family death or typing a thank you note for a gift kind of takes away from the "personalness" of it. Regardless of my views, many do still however do it. So is there nothing word processing can't do? Is there soon going to be an extinction of pens and pencils? We'll just have to wait and find out.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Narrative for Essay 3

My alarm goes off at 8:20. I get up and decide to wear my stirrup stretch pants, neon pink t-shirt, and Little Mermaid jellies to school that day. I walk downstairs and open the fridge to carefully pour a glass of orange juice, or Nesquik milk if I'm lucky. I then proceed to put a Poptart in the toaster and microwave some oatmeal for breakfast. As always, I make sure to turn on Bobby's World at 8:30 to watch while I eat. When the big hand touched the 9, it was time for me to leave and walk to school. I was seven years old.
Does any part of this morning routine seem unreasobable for a child to accomplish? I'd have to say it really never bothered me and I loved my sense of independence. However, what if for breakfast I had to fire up the wood burning stove to toast my Poptart? Or boil water for my oatmeal? Or go outside and pick oranges to bring inside, cut open with a knife, and squeeze? Most would react quite differently then. The advancements in kitchen appliance technology over the past century have changed the way our society functions today in all areas of life.... etc. etc.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Idea for Essay 3

Computers are what most likely first come to mind to most when thinking of technology across the lifespan. I remember typing sentences in kindergarten on the now ancient DOS computers and then printing them out to color illustrate. One of my sentences was "I like macaroni and cheese." For some reason I colored a princess on that page... Conducting interviews on this topic could be interesting, especially with older generations. Another form of technology that I think has had a huge impact on us in the past century are simple kitchen appliances. My aunt once told me how in third grade they were supposed to think of a dream invention. Her's was a box that you could put dirty dishes in and they would come out clean since dish washing was always her chore at home. I'm sure she never foresaw the invention of the dishwasher thirty years later. We all take appliances like these for granted today because we've always had them. Think about how much easier our lives are with microwaves, toasters, dishwashers, refridgerators, freezers, blenders, etc. I'm still brainstorming in the meantime since my ideas for thie essay are endless...


I must admit that I have never been much of an online gamer. However, I do recall during my pre-teen years of quite often playing SimTown and then future generations of the Sim software which I can’t remember the names of. I think that games like these are addictive because they really do almost allow you to live a separate life or at least create a separate identity that you can morph and control. When looking at software like this objectively, and anything at that which allows you to create and live through unique identities, it is amazing how strange and weird it really is even though today in society it is completely normal and acceptable.
I particularly found the comparison between MUDs and MPD very interesting. Although Multiple Personality Disorder is considered a rare psychiatric disease, MUDs are very far from abnormal even though they are ultimately fairly similar. Both deal with the idea of creating and living through different identities. No one would think you strange to switch between your real life persona and a completely different online persona. However switching between different personae and identities in reality would title you mentally psychotic. Overall, I think the web is opening up a whole new realm for people to channel their fantasy and suppressed identities in a way that is socially acceptable.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Peer Review Suggestion

I'm going to have to go along with Erika's idea of commenting on papers in class as a class. I'm not sure how many papers would be able to be covered this way however... My other suggestion would be to read papers in peer groups one at a time and make comments directly after reading them. I always forget what their paper was about by the time class comes along.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


"Thats hella cool!" I'm sure many of you have heard this phrase before. I however, had never heard it until meeting my roomate who is from San Fransico and who uses the word hella at least 5 times a day. When researching the word, I found its exact definition to make perfect sense: Hella- Originated from the streets of San Francisco in the Hunters Point neighborhood. It is commonly used in place of "really" or "very" when describing something. Another definition I found was A multi-purpose word invented by people in northern California, indigenous to the Bay Area. It is interesting to me how different areas have there unique slang words and terms. For example, I recently found out that Minnesota is the only state in the U.S. that says " GREY DUCK!" vs. supposedly everywhere else in which they say "Duck....Duck....GOOSE!" Grey duck is so much better...